The members of the Engaged Music Theory Working Group are:

Michèle Duguay (she/her)
Marc Hannaford (he/him)
Toru Momii (he/him)

Group Members
Makulumy Alexander-Hills (he/him)
Clifton Boyd (he/him)
Chelsea Burns (she/her)
Samuel Chan (he/him)
Johanna Devaney (she/her)
Kristi Hardman (she/her)
Stephen Lett (he/him)
Vivian Luong (she/her)
Rowland Moseley (he/him)
Nathan Pell (he/him)
Lauren Shepherd (she/her)
Danielle Shlomit Sofer (they/them)
Noel Torres-Rivera (he/him)

Ongoing Activities 

Curating the Engaged Music Theory Bibliography

Commissioning and Editing a series of blog posts on Engaged Music Theory

Development of a mentoring program aiming to guide junior scholars through the article publication process

Past Activities

Produced a document outlining steps for the SMT to change their by-laws

Wrote a letter to SMT Executive Board, resulting in a Town Hall on the peer-review process at the 2021 Annual Meeting for the SMT

Obtained an SMT subvention grant, for costs associated with the Engaged Music Theory blog (website maintenance, author honoraria, etc.) 

Future Plans

Organizing a conference panel on Engaged Music Theory 

Hosting a symposium on engaged scholarship 

Publishing the symposium proceedings as an edited collection