Mentorship Program

EMT is excited to launch a mentorship program aimed to help junior scholars progress a project of their choosing toward publication. The first iteration of the program runs from September to December 2023. The program will run twice a year thereafter, from January to April and from September to December. 

Mentors are members of the Engaged Music Theory Working Group. The intake form for mentee application, along with more information on the structure of the program, can be found here.

Mentors advise and provide feedback on the mentee’s project on one or more of the following stages of the publication process:

  1. Convert a conference paper or seminar paper into an article manuscript
  2. Survey and decide where to submit a manuscript for publication
  3. Develop and edit a draft-in-progress
  4. Publish in English for the first time 
  5. Write outside of disciplinary lines
  6. Produce or refine graphics or examples 
  7. Respond to reviewer comments 
  8. Respond to a rejection from a journal 
  9. Put finishing touches on their final draft
  10. Address other components of publishing their work

Both mentors and mentees are invited to follow the group’s best practices.